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Latin Jazz Guide Spiral Bound:

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The spiral bound version of the Latin Jazz Guide has the exact same content as the original, but includes a spiral binding for convenient use.

This version of the Latin Jazz Guide is available only through this website and on site at clinics and workshops.

Latin Jazz Guide

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Latin Jazz Guide:

A Path to Authentic Percussion and Ensemble Performance

The classic original version


When the term “Latin” is attached to any music, score or lead sheet, it can often cause more confusion than it intends to clarify. “Latin” can mean many things, and typically musicians and music educators are left to interpret this term the best they can.


Latin jazz is a huge and ever-expanding musical universe, and with each Latin style comes a unique set of music/cultural conventions and traditions. All these elements can determine choices for instrumentation, rhythms, parts, articulation, style interpretation and improvisation. Without some guidance to better understand this diverse terrain, it is easy to get lost or to simply head for more familiar territory.


The primary goal of this book is to provide basic and accurate information for a deeper understanding of Latin jazz and to offer a clear path through its rich musical tradition.